Chiclayo Trivia, Quick Points & Particulars

Trivia & Quick Points

  • Chiclayo and surrounding region are probably most well known for their archaeological sites and treasures, such as Sipan, Túcume, Batán Grande and Huaca Rajada.

    The most significant of these archeological discoveries is the tomb of the Señor de Sipán-
    in which the amount of treasure found there rivals that found in the tomb of King Tut.

  • The surrounding Lambayeque region of northern Peru includes expansive beaches with excellent waves and has become quite a popular (yet relatively unexploited) surfing destination.
  • The thriving marketplace commonly known as the Mercado Modelo features all kinds of shopping- from appliances and clothing to an impressive array of fascinating natural medicines and herbal remedies concocted from the area’s many local shamans and healers.

Geo Particulars

  • Region: Lambayeque
  • Province: Chiclayo
  • Language: Spanish
  • Latitude/ Longitude:
  • Time Zone: PET (UTC-5)
  • Area Code: 74