What to Do & See in Chiclayo’s Surrounding Region

Monsefú is a nearby town that provides Chiclayo with most of the handcrafts artifacts and fireworks that are for sale in the “Mercado Modelo”. (This term translates to “Model Market.” Many large towns have a “Modelo,” because it was meant to be used as a modern model market inspired in european central markets).

Another interesting place to visit is the nearby town of Pimentel, a modern beach resort which provides good opportunities for water sports such as surfing. There, one can also watch how the local fishermen still manage the waves with the caballitos de totora, the reed rafts that have been used along the north coast for thousands of years.

Surfing the Northern Coast

According to the adventure travel company Destination 360: Surfing Northern Peru is excellent “Surfing in Peru is on the rise in terms of popularity, but its roots start with the country’s first civilizations. As coastal Peruvian empires rose along the shore, they surely depended on the sea for food. Reed boat fisherman would return to land by riding the waves in ceremonial fashion.

Times certainly have changed, and now Peru surfing, which can be enjoyed year round, is enjoyed on modern boards instead of small reed boats.

If you are an experienced surfer, you will undoubtedly enjoy the world-class Peru surfing found on its northern coast, and beginners can find lessons and surf tours that will have them up and riding in no time.” Click to learn more about Peru’s fantastic surfing opportunities.